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Laurence Etling : Radio in the Movies, A History and Filmography, 1926-2010

This richly detailed examination of two branches of American entertainment focuses on the various ways that radio stations and air personalities have been depicted in motion pictures, from 1926's The Radio Detective to more recent films like 2006's A Prairie Home Companion. Cinematic portrayals of various aspects of radio are covered, including disc jockeys, sports broadcasts, religious programs, and the talk-radio format. Such films as The Big Broadcast (1932), Reveille with Beverly (1943), Mister Rock and Roll (1957), WUSA (1970), Radio Days (1987) and Private Parts (1997) provide fascinating insights not only into their own times, but also into the historical eras that some of these films have endeavored to recreate. A chronological filmography of more than 600 titles is included.









Éditions : McFarland & Company - 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0786449491
ISBN-10: 0786449497